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Discover deprexis®, the clinically-proven digital psychological therapy for patients with depression

deprexis® is a digital therapy, based on an integrative model of psychotherapy, indicated for the treatment of adults suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). deprexis® is a class I CE and UKCA marked medical device.

What benefits for patients and healthcare professionals?

What is deprexis®?

  • A web-based digital psychological therapy
  • Intended for patients suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) in complement of care-as-usual
  • 90-day treatment available 24/7
  • Available in 10 languages
  • Available soon in the United Kingdom on and in France on
  • Soon available in Italy and Spain

What benefits for patients and healthcare professionals?

What could be the benefits for patients and healthcare professionals?(1)

  • Clinically proven efficacy and safety
  • Empowers patients to engage in treatment
  • Improves access to care by offering unlimited and immediate access to personalised psychotherapeutic care (see “intended purpose” section below)
  • Integrates smoothly and flexibly with existing care offer

1. Market research conducted to patients and healthcare professionals in France and in the UK (September 2021)

Intended purpose

deprexis is intended to provide therapeutic methods and exercises based on evidence-based psychological and psychotherapeutic therapies for patients with unipolar depression or depressive disorders, to help them managing their depression or depressive disorder. deprexis is intended as a self-application supplemental to care-as-usual for patients 18 years of age or older. deprexis can be used for a period of 90 days. deprexis is neither intended to replace treatment provided by a health care provider nor to provide information which is used to take decisions with diagnosis or therapeutic purposes.


deprexis is a web-based software program intended to help patients with unipolar depression or depressive disorders to better cope with their depression or depressive disorder by offering them therapeutic methods and exercises in form of a self-application as a supplement to care-as-usual. deprexis uses the services of GAIA’s proprietary software platform broca® and can be used according to the user‘s preferences with any computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet with internet access and with an up-to-date version of one of the supported browsers. Users need an access code to register in deprexis. Users will enter the access code, and then set a password for subsequent logins. Once registered, deprexis guides users through the program in a dynamic dialogue. No special computer skills are required to use deprexis. The program will track progress and continue to guide the patient through the modules. Each module informs the patient when the session is completed. All information entered is private to the user. The user will additionally receive emails or text messages encouraging an active use of the presented information and exercises, and encouraging practice and integration of them into daily routines.


Document name
Deprexis® Instruction manual - English
Deprexis® Privacy policy
Manual de instrucciones de deprexis® - Español
Istruzioni per l’uso di deprexis® - Italiano