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Ethypharm Digital Therapy team

Two women are leading Ethypharm Digital Therapy and are fully invested in realising the vision of Ethypharm Digital Therapy.

Hélène Moore

Hélène MOORE

Executive Vice-President & Head of Ethypharm Digital Therapy

"Innovation spirit, courage, and the unique agility of Ethypharm is what convinced me to join the Group in order to build a pioneering offer of digital therapies. These will help patients, healthcare practitioners, and governments of this world looking for alternative health solutions to the classic conventional drugs treatments."


Vice-President of Commercial Operations of Ethypharm Digital Therapy

"The creation of the new Ethypharm Digital Therapy entity illustrates the dynamism of the Ethypharm group and its ambition to act as close as possible to the needs of patients.

I am deeply convinced that the therapeutic innovation provided by digital therapies must support the major transformations of the future’s healthcare ecosystem.”