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About Ethypharm Digital Therapy

Our mission is to redefine disease management through Digital Therapies (DTx). To do so, EDT is strongly supported by the Ethypharm group. EDT is building its own dedicated team and thus benefits from a broad knowledge of healthcare and digital ecosystems.

Ethypharm Digital Therapy in Europe

Ethypharm Digital Therapy is a European company based in France. We already operate in France and the United Kingdom and will soon be present in Spain and Italy to offer our digital therapies to patients and healthcare professionals.

EDT in Europe

The new company to redefine disease management with DTx

Ethypharm Digital Therapy has put together a team that reflects the values of the new company: creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship associated with strong pharmaceutical experience. With this solid foundation we are confident that we can place digital therapies at the centre of future healthcare solutions.

Ethypharm Digital Therapy
Ethypharm Digital Therapy

Ethypharm Group, a rich history of commitment to patients in Europe and beyond

Ethypharm is deeply engaged in the Central Nervous System (CNS) and hospital injectables areas, where our medicines treat patients today and our teams work on innovative solutions for tomorrow. Willing to grow beyond our recognised positions in the treatment of severe pain and opioid dependency, we are constantly screening opportunities in search for those which will respond to unmet needs in our 2 core therapeutic areas.

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