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Ethypharm Digital Therapy (EDT) is a European Lifescience company, pioneered by entrepreneurial healthcare market specialists who put their passion into agile ways of redefining disease management. EDT’s mission is to offer personalised and clinically-proven digital therapies.

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Ethypharm Digital Therapy

Our ambition: to become a European leader in digital therapies

Created in April 2021, Ethypharm Digital Therapy (EDT) has put together a team that reflects the values of the new company: creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship built on strong pharmaceutical experience. EDT has the exclusive rights of deprexis® in United-Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain. This digital therapy is a CE-marked class I medical device developed by GAIA AG. EDT is responsible for marketing and selling deprexis® in these four European countries.

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The Digital Therapy “era” is here

From wellbeing applications to telemedicine, digital health offers are numerous and diverse. Within e-health, Prescription Digital Therapies (DTx) are growing in importance. But what makes them so special? Digital Therapies are actually medical devices subject to the same standards as classic medical devices both in terms of regulations and proof of clinical benefit. Thus, through robust clinical studies, a digital therapy must have demonstrated its effectiveness and safety in order to be considered for reimbursment by the public and private payors of the country where they are offered.

Ethypharm Digital Therapy, a company of the European group Ethypharm

To offer clinically-proven digital therapies, Ethypharm has decided to create a new entity: Ethypharm Digital Therapy (EDT). The European pharmaceutical company specialised in two core therapeutic areas, the Central Nervous System and hospital injectables intends EDT to become a European leader in the groundbreaking innovative area of digital therapies.

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Ethypharm Digital Therapy